User friendly

Easy to clean the computer.


You can build on that fairly quickly.


Thanks to the holes, the case is well cooled.


Despite its small size, large things fit in it.

One of those functions is the click system, which makes it incredibly easy to clean the computer. In addition, I can quickly and easily assemble the entire computer in just 15-60 minutes.

While many people opt for larger cases so that all their components fit, my housing strikes the perfect balance between compactness and compatibility. It can even incorporate the biggest graphics card like the RTX 4090.

Despite its compact size, my case can accommodate up to 8 fans, many larger cases can accommodate a maximum of 6. Whether you prefer air cooling or water cooling, both options are supported. Even the well-known Noctua NH-D15, one of the largest air coolers available, fits perfectly. Or you can install a 360mm water cooler.

To add excitement, I offer a model with a built-in screen. This function allows you to use the case as a second monitor, which gives you endless possibilities.

Small overview

What can the screen do?

Case compatibility

Height: 36.3 cm
Width: 20.5cm
Length 45.2 cm

Black or white

5,8 kg (without the hardware)


ATX is not supported!

120 mm – 140 mm – 240 mm280 mm – 360 mm

Depending on how high the power supply is.

From 330 mm up to 400 mm

ATX (SFX technically too)

If the power supply is longer than 140 mm, then the maximum size for the graphics card would be 330 mm.

2x 2.5 inch SSD/HDD

1x 3.5 inch hard drive
With a 3.5 inch hard drive, 2 instead of 3 fans can be connected.

1x USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C

1x USB 3.2 Gen 1 Typ A

1x AUX

3x 120mm – 2x 140mm

En bas
3 x 120mm
(2x 120mm if a 3.5 inch hard drive is included)

1x 120mm (is included)

1x 120mm
If the power supply is larger than 140mm or a 360mm water cooler is installed, no fan will fit!