Dëst Säit muss mam Computer opgemaach ginn. TeamViewer ass fir Mac a Windows geduecht

Download anyway


Solve problems simply over a distance.


Without the password, nobody can enter.


You see everything I do.


This all takes a few seconds.


Perguntas & Respostas
With TeamViewer I can see your screen and control the mouse as well as fix the computer problem without you having to visit me. The program is not installed and password is changed automatically so you do not have to worry about me coming in suddenly.
That which you see. When I connect Teamviewer to your PC it's like I'm with you, I see what's on your screen.

No, that's why the password changes. Every time the computer is restarted, the password is changed so that I (or someone else) cannot log in.

You do not install any program but you just open it. You can of course delete the program when we are done. Again, no one can enter without saying your password which changes every time.

Of course, Teamviewer is free for personal use. You can download more info at the official website.

At the bottom right there is a small window (not to be missed) when someone is connected to the PC. It also contains the person's name and his Teamviewer ID.

I'm just going to select the things i need to solve the problem. I won't go to your documents, pictures or anything else. You can also stay on the computer and watch everything I'm doing.