I'm sorry!

I apologize for those who might be disappointed with my response times. The increased workload is due to the numerous articles that have featured me recently. Handling this solo is a challenge, even though I sometimes get offers for assistance. To address this, I may need additional help in the future.

Over 150 messages

I currently have approximately 150 messages to respond to, spread across various platforms: 35 on WhatsApp, 44 on Email, 53 on Facebook, and 24 on Instagram. On average, I can handle about 20 messages per hour. Additionally, I receive around 20 phone calls daily, where each call lasts around 30 minutes.

Over 100 hours to follow

So, it would take about 7 hours to answer all these messages. However, the challenge arises because during these hours, I also have appointments. Out of those 150 messages, around 70 people want to schedule appointments that take about 1 hour each, and 20 individuals want assistance with building PCs, which takes about 2-3 hours per PC.

All this somehow plan

Since I typically work from 10 AM until 11 PM, that's a 13-hour workday. To complete all these tasks, it would take at least 11 days. However, I also need to account for breaks, meals, household tasks, desk preparations for appointments, personal care, and my essential 8 hours of sleep. I also value spending time for my mind and with family and friends.

Sou lues a lues normal

Also, all dës Aufgaben ofzeschléissen géif ongeféier 2-3 Wochen daueren. Awer dës Berechnung iwwerhëlt keng nei Rendez-vousen, keng nei Messagen a keng onerwaart Ënnerbriechungen, wat onméiglech ass. Am Duerchschnëtt kréien ech 20-40 nei Messagen all Dag,

But I am having fun

I don't mind having a lot to do; I enjoy using my free time to help people and build PCs while learning new things. However, it's currently overwhelming, and Christmas is just around the corner. This is why you might hear me say I'm available to help but then experience delays in my responses. This is not my usual work pace.

Still, I'm sorry.