Let’s start with the fact that he is amazingly quick at responding even though he is busier than all of us. Oh and that free of charge. Top that. Second, he does not only fix/replace/build, but he is also eager to transfer his knowledge, if of course you are ready to listen 😛 . By that I mean, he is really passionate about his job and will go on and on and on. (Still trying to remember stuff he said) 😉

He refurbished my old laptop in less than an hour with tutorial xD and it works amazing. And right now, I needed a new gaming computer as my favourite game ‘s new expansion is releasing in two weeks and he made the best out of my budget, avoiding unnecessary components but without affecting its performance. He is a great buddy of ours as well. Nice guy, nice family, great skills. I can only recommend him. (His dog is cute too) xD