Welcome and thank you for your interest in getting a computer set up by me.

I would like to ask a few questions to find out what works best for you. It does not matter if you are familiar with computers or not. The questions I am asking you do not need to be computer savvy. After answering these questions, I'll take care of everything that's best for you afterwards. Ready?

First of all, which case do you like?

There is nothing wrong with choosing it, it's mostly just the looks.
If you found a case but do not know which name, you can send a picture. I will try to figure out which one it is.

How do you plan to use of the Computer?

With this question I can get more of an idea of what I can take. Is it more for general use so multimedia, office and internet or even with gaming or even rather in the professional field like 3D rendering, video, photo editing, programming and so on?

What do the individual pieces mean?

This allows you to connect your computer to the Internet without a LAN cable.

If you want to connect a controller, speaker, smartphone or anything else without cable, you need Bluetooth.

CD/DVD or Blu-ray:
Nowadays you do not have to have that, movies and music can be watched online. Games and programs can be downloaded from the Internet.

SD Card Reader:
As the name implies, this is if you often work with SD cards of photo-/videocamera and want to connect the SD card directly to the computer.

LED lighting:
You can have lights on your computer so that you can see something inside, that is just to make it look beautiful.

Microsoft Office:
Microsoft Office is unfortunately not for free. Word, Exel and PowerPoint are Microsoft programs that arround 120 € (Check price).

More than 6 USB ports are available, HDMI (and DisplayPort) as well as LAN input and the sound card are already preinstalled.

What is your budget and when would you like to buy the computer?

This way I can see what to take without exceeding your budget. Small hint, building, installation and help is free, as it's written everywhere.

As soon as your message has been sent, you will receive an answer within the next few hours with everything you'll get. All help I offer is free including building your computer. Every computer I build comes with the latest Windows update installed and with Windows Security, an anti-virus that is free for life and relatively good. If you need further information we will get in touch. I'm already looking forward to your computer!