About me

Hello, I am Nate – the Maker Behind Folivora’s Crochets! Greetings from Luxembourg, the heart of handmade wonders! I’m the crochet enthusiast and creator behind Folivora’s Crochets, where every stitch is a story waiting to be told.

What makes Folivora’s Crochets special? It’s the fusion of my passion for anime, gaming, and the cozy world of amigurumi. I craft plushies that are not just adorable but personalized expressions of joy. From the cutest gaming characters to custom commissions, each creation is a validation to the art of handmade magic.

The journey began with a love for crochet and a dream to bring smiles through cuddly companions. So, whether you’re here for your favorite characters or seeking a comfort plushie, I invite you to explore my collections. Join me in celebrating the charm of handmade, one stitch at a time!

My Events

Gamers Resort '23

17 - 18 February Coming Soon at centre Gaston Stein - Jonglënster (1 Rue Emile Nilles, Junglinster)

Weihnerdsmarkt '23

Venturing beyond Luxembourg for the first time, and doing so without a helper, marked a significant milestone. It was a journey of independence, personal growth, and expanding the reach of my beloved plushies to new horizons.

GameOn '23

Returning to GameOn, despite a few initial hiccups, turned out to be a success. Overcoming challenges, the event reinforced my belief in the popularity of my creations.

Summer Crafts Fair '23

Echternach presented a new challenge with a strong wind testing my resolve at my first solo table. Overcoming the elements, the event became a testament to my commitment and resilience.

GameOn '22

GameOn became a highlight as it not only was a fun experience but also marked one of my most successful sales periods at that time. The positive response fueled my dedication to crafting more unique and beloved plushies.

LGX '22

A heartfelt thank you to iHelef and LGX for providing me with a space to showcase and sell my plushies. Their generosity was a pivotal moment, helping my passion turn into a tangible reality.

Groussbuss '22

Stepping into the world of entrepreneurship, my very first event marked the debut of my crochet plushies in the market. The excitement and nervousness blended as I showcased my creations, witnessing the joy they brought to customers.

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